Next year!

Under a new name - Pilsen Action Film Festival 2024

We are announcing next year event with a new name!

Last year, 2023, event ended up succesfuly but still there were lot of things to improve and we had learned a lot. We would like to make your experience even better than before and keep getting forward. So we are preparing some changes. Among them the most visible is the name change - Pilsen Action Film Festival or PAFF as a shortcut. We have slightly changed the graphics but we would like to continue as much as possible with the good things from past year event and graphics is surely one of them. Other changes will be announced lately because nothing is really completely solved right now. But we could at least introduce the tendencies behind them.

There is plenty of time to introduce the final program but we hope that those points will lure you at least!

  • Divided section for professional and amateur filmmakers
    We would like to offer workshops and masterclasses to show young and even experienced filmmakers possibilites to learn something about for exemple film budget, shooting action scene, Stunt coordinator role etc. It will not collide with movie projection.
  • Interveiws with interesting guests
    The most succesful part of previous event will be held again. With different guests of course!
  • Awards
    We would like to reward the best stunt actions in our movies and in Czech republic as well.
  • Interactive part
    We would like to offer the possibility of trying some stunts, in safe conditions, for regular guests. Come and try to fall or maybe a burn!